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Playlist "Steve Propes 45s Show" Oct. 2, 2004

Playlist "Steve Propes 45s Show" Oct. 2, 2004

Hour #1
1 George Jenkins Drum Boogie
2 Richard Berry & Pharoahs Rock Rock Rock
3 Little Tommy Brown Won’t You Forgive Me
4 Four Blades I Want You To Be My Girl
5 Blenders Military Kick
6 Richard Barrett The Snake & the Bookworm
7 Bernard Byers No Time To Cry
8 Cornell Blakely Don’t Touch the Moon
9 Blends Tell Me
10 Carians Only A Dream
11 Roy Brown Rocks Is My Pillow
12 Ruth Brown Shake A Hand
13 Little Willie John Come On Sugar
14 Ted Jarrett Goofin’ Off
15 Bishops The Wedding
16 Ray Clauson & Teen Tops God’s Little Acre
17 Blue Jays Earth Angel
18 Valentines Gettin’ With the Twist

Hour #2
1 Miles Grayson Sweet Bread
2 Al Savage I Need
3 Ray Johnson Calypso Joe
4 Blue Jays Hearts Of Stone (partial)
5 Blue Jays Pledging My Love
6 Willie Headen & 5 Birds The Skinny Woman Story
7 Carians Snooty Friends
8 Bullmoose Jackson Cherokee Boogie
9 Rene Hall Do It Up Right
10 Blanders Jitterbug
11 Blenders Kicks
12 Iona Wade & Billboards I Love You Baby
13 Emile Frank & Toppers My True Story
14 V8s Guess Who
15 Matthew Jacobs Loaded Down
16 Issacher Whole Lot Of Love
17 Freddy Watson & Restorators The Unlucky 7
18 Atlantics Flame Of Love
19 Madame Posey & Travelaires The World Is In A Bad Condition
20 Fabulous Playboys Nervous
21 Miles Grayson You Were Mine

Steve, Great show today, July 22, and happy birthday yesterday.
Another year younger,eh?
Any thing new to place on your page...always glad to hear your latest.
Hi Steve, I am looking for the email address for Norm Katuna and Richard Banke if you could please help...or forward the following to Norm, thanks-Jeff Chemnick

Hi Norm,

Long time to be sure. Certainly the last time we talked was pre-email, no? So much has happened since but I'm pleased to see you are still an active record collector...and that I could google your email address.
I think about you..and Randy and Richard et al from time to time and truly regret that I have lost touch.
I am still living in Santa Barbara and now married to "Satie". She works as a marine biologist at UCSB and I am very involved with my cycad nursery, ecotours in Mexico, and botanical research on the cycads of Mexico.
So, you are wondering...Why I am writing just now?

Norm, I need your help! There was a terrible fire here in Santa Barbara last November called the Tea Fire. And our home at 114 Conejo Road and everything in it burned to the ground. And my wonderful garden was largely destroyed. Not much fun, I can assure you. But what, you might ask, of my record collection? Well, it too, was completely destroyed...and that is the reason I am writing to ask you this favor.

As part of the extensive process of making our insurance claim, we have to fill out a detailed spread sheet listing all the contents in our home. I assure you it's a very difficult task...especially when you try to remember all the 78's 45's and LP's you had. I bought the latest copy of Jerry Osbore's book on record valuations and, my god! what an eye opener it was to discover what has happened to the prices of records! Anyway, our adjuster told me that if I can get some letters from collectors who know me or rather, knew my collection, that it would go a long way to help support my claim to have had a record collection.
So, if you could please find a moment (pretty please) to write a note stating that you know me and knew my record collection and that it consisted of thousands of 45's, LP's and 78's in the genre of collectable vintage rhythm n blues, blues, rock n roll, British invasion, psychedelic, doo wop etc. etc. chiefly from the 1950's and 1960's...
that would be wonderful. And any other comments you might care to make that you think would help our case would be eternally appreciated. I know you are a busy guy but you know I wouldn't ask a favor like this if it weren't very important.
Emailing me back would be just wonderul, thanks (but as a former post office person you might prefer the post?)...if so, our new current snail mail address, it is
Jeff Chemnick
3905 State St. Suite 7-279
Santa Barbara, CA 93105-5107

No matter what, any supporting commentary you can make would be extremely helpful. And, if per chance, you are still in touch with Richard Banke and/or Randy Wheeler and/or Paul Walls and could pass this along to them, that would be deluxe. I have tried through the years to contact/google them but to no avail.

Here's a sample that I just cooked up that perhaps you can use as a model:

To Whom it May Concern,

I have known Jeff Chemnick since the early 1970's when he lived in San Diego and was collecting vintage phonograph records. We have both been serious record collectors for many years and, as such, I am writing this letter to attest to that fact. I am sufficiently familiar with Jeff's collection to state that it consisted of thousands of 45's, LPs, and 78's in the genre of collectable vintage Rhythm 'n' Blues, Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, British Invasion, Psychedelic, Doo Wop, and Old Country...among other desireable genre of phonograph records.


Norm, I know you are a guy of principle and I hope this accurately states what you know (knew) about my collection and me...If not, please write whatever you are comfortable with. Essentilay, any acknowledgement of the fact that I had a record collection consisting of the etc. etc. above would be extremely helpful.

Nuff said, I guess about us...Now about you...Please let me know how you are doing...what you are up to...with whom....what you are collecting these days...and, lastly, if you ever pass through Santa Barbara, please don't hesitate to look us up so we can have dinnner together and revisit old times. I always enjoyed the times we spent together...there were not enough!

Warm Regards,

805 705 3397
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